So students like Precious are able to find their calling...

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Did you know that a teacher paid our rent when my mom lost her job so we had a warm, safe place to live? But that's just how the teachers at DSS are. They've fed us when we're hungry, taken us into their homes when we've had no place to sleep, given us rides and bus passes so we can get to school, clothed us, taken us for medical care, and sat with us for court dates.

What makes DSS stand out as a school is that the teachers invest so much of themselves, but too often it's at their own personal expense. They genuinely love and care for us and truly want the students to succeed in school, to make it in life, and to walk with Christ. They help us work through anything that could keep us from graduating. They believe in us. And for many of the student's at DSS, they are the only ones who do.

They're our support system when we don't have one. It's the teachers that make all the difference. They are why this school is successful in helping struggling students turn their lives around.

When I transferred to DSS, something clicked and my whole life changed for the better. I went from an apathetic freshman to a sophomore receiving awards for academic achievement, 100% credit completion and being named most outstanding English student. Today, I am proud to be the student body president and am preparing to go to college this spring. It's all because DSS helped shape me into the woman I only dreamed I could become. There's no doubt my life has changed significantly because of the love and devotion of the teachers here.

We're on a mission to raise the much needed support so our teachers will have access to financial resources to help us when we need it the most. These teachers sacrifice to be at DSS, so when they use their personal means to support us… it can leave them with a deficit.

Because when you help them, you are also helping us.