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Yes, I want my gift matched $1 for $1!

In a world that feels chaotic right now, let my donation bring hope and stability to struggling students like China.

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With the impact of COVID bringing shutdowns, quarantine, and distance learning… we weren’t sure of God’s plan for DSS. Could we afford to stay open? Would our students’ needs be met? Should we make changes? Prayerfully, we braced for a season of scarcity, but the Lord blessed us with something else. Abundance.

Through unexpected generosity, we’re kicking off our Summer Matching Challenge campaign with one of the most significant amounts to date at $103,000. Again, God’s abundance! So for every $1 you donate by August 31st, it will be doubled dollar for dollar. Give $50… we receive $100! Give $500… your gift expands to $1,000!

Being 100% privately funded by donations, please consider a gift to continue standing with us as we go strong into this next season of “bringing hope” together!
Your support always matters!